Roundtable March 22

Achieving Operational Resilience Through Integrated Risk Management

Achieving Operational Resilience Through Integrated Risk Management

Monday, March 22 | 15:10am BST

Operational risk impacts and influences the entire organization. As such, operational risk programs need to become more connected to the entire suite of risk and continuity perspectives. With operational risk, the organization should avoid viewing the program only from a compliance or regulatory perspective, focusing solely on “checking-the-box” or preparing for a situation when regulators or auditors examine your program. The myriad of organizational data and operational understanding that is maintained and collected by operational risk programs should be empowered to inform strategic business direction.

Key discussion points during this roundtable include:

  • Breaking down Silos

  • Create a unified data set that is integrated across risk and continuity programs

  • Gaining powerful insights into operational performance and success metrics

Gaurav Kapoor

Chief operating officer


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