Exclusive roundtable sessions at OpRisk Global

Achieving Operational Resilience Through Integrated Risk Management

Monday, March 22 | 15:10am BST

Key discussion points during this roundtable include:

  • Breaking down Silos

  • Create a unified data set that is integrated across risk and continuity programs

  • Gaining powerful insights into operational performance and success metrics


Blind Curves: Anticipating Emerging Risk

Tuesday, March 23 | 15:10am BST

Discuss the top emerging risks of our time and explore how forward-thinking firms are:

  • Harnessing technology to anticipate changes in their risk landscape

  • Leveraging predictive and situational insight to run more intelligent operations

  • Delivering on their customer promise, no matter what


Understanding vendor risk: Making risk decisions for Vendors and Fourth Parties

Wednesday, March 24 | 15:20am BST

Gain the exclusive insights and practical tools you need to:

  • Quantify TPRM beyond traditional methods

  • Determine risk appetite for vendor like other risks

  • Link cyber risk with critical vendors

  • Identify key metrics to communicate third and fourth party risk to the board

  • Create risk appetite with relevant metrics